Wondering, what do we do now? Day 24. Life, still good. In spite of... .

How are you doing?    Wondering, what do we do now? 

Here I am, in wonder mode. That was then, July. A new kind of wonder has crowded in now.   Both live in me. 

Wonder. As in, Awe. Sailing along, in strong seas, yet  safe because we know what we're doing, what to do, what is coming. I feel the breeze as energizing, life-giving,  refreshing! And I feel the water's spray as gift, replenishing. A glorious day! Mix of sun tangling with cloud, stunning waves and textures in the water, color impossible to duplicate except with human eye -- looking again, seeing subtle changes in hue, each more breathtaking than the last. Oh, my! What a day! 

 "I am not afraid for  
I am learning  how to sail my ship."                                                                                               Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

That was then.  This is now.   And here I am.  In wonder. Wondering. 

What on earth do we do now?   I wrote this on March 8.  

A lifetime ago. Lifetimes ago.  
How are you?  That's what I really want to ask. How are you doing?  And what are you doing, to be you in this time?  

Closed. The world is closed. From above, Earth is looking quite different. Better, frankly.   
Our imprint has become less imposing.  I wonder, how long this can last. 

We can only imagine how this is going to look. We can only imagine how the near / far future is going to look. What will be.   

But we hope and pray for you, not Total Disorder, but calms, refreshes, replenishing, renewing. 
Share, if you will, in the comments, okay? 

What is replenishing you?  Filling you up? Renewing, holding, sheltering, delighting...  How is your spirit?  Mine is holding up most of the time.

Back to reading, music, meditation, flowers, art, and laughter.  I'm looking for laughter -- so send along whatever ya got. What can I send for you, for refreshing, wandering -- oh, Safari's! 

You can take Field Trips to the tiniest bit of Earth, to snow leopards hiding on steep cliffs in the Himalayas, to cultures so ancient -- they've become extinct. But still, you can visit! 

Stalk beauty! In the song of returning birds.  I saw three buds today. Three.  


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