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May day

There truly is no time like the present.   I put up a sign in the bedroom that tells me, "Today."  It's today, and that is all.  Today, my spirit is filled up. Full of awe, humility, and so much gratefulness I can't even begin to express it, for all of you who run out, even while we're all being urged to run in, to stay in. You, millions of you, yes, around the globe, are risking your lives for me, for us.  Can I even take that in, what that is? I try.  I thought about it keenly at the beginning - did this time have a real beginning, anyway  - as my medical doctor daughter prepared for, was dreading, the onslaught of desperately sick patients in her hospital. I was terrified, for her and her partner, facing potentially deadly risk.   Given where she lives and gives medical care, rural bush Alaska, with its tiny planes taking her to deliver babies, I am often scared by the risks that are just part of the job, her job.  But this, this threa