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Head in the Clouds

Leaning into light.    Welcome into this space of hospitality, wondering, pondering, wandering, reflecting on Life As Good. You are invited, and I'm hoping you will be finding here some encouraging thoughts for your own wandering and reflecting. I'm Jan. I live along foothills near Denver Colorado USA. I'll share more about myself as we go along. As for now, I'd like to share not about myself but my self... so...  For beginning, what is going on with this cloud !!    I'm following this stunning cloud circle, up and up an ever-curving road, this late morning,  rounding hills with stony granite tops and speeding, I confess, eager for seeing more and more of this magnificence showing up and showing off, the colors melding, morphing into still more dramatic palates.  My jaw is wide open, and my mind is wondering, wondering, wondering, and my spirit is singing. I gasp a lot, every turn is bringing revelation.  I'm going past a lake, a lovely view in it